Family seeks assistance after dog abducted from vehicle in Oakland.

Berkeley Woman Pleads for Assistance as Beloved Family Dog Vanishes in Oakland

In a distressing turn of events, a Berkeley woman is seeking the assistance of the general public after her treasured family dog was stolen from her vehicle in Oakland on Thursday afternoon. Katy Roosevelt, the distraught owner, recounted the incident, stating that she had momentarily left her French Bulldog, Violet, in the car while picking up her daughter from daycare. Her intention was to take Violet for a routine visit to the veterinarian.

The unfortunate incident unfolded with alarming swiftness, as Roosevelt described how a concerned mother entered the daycare premises in a state of panic, alerting her to the unfolding crime. Reacting swiftly, she rushed outside only to witness her car speeding away. The entire episode unfolded in a matter of seconds, leaving her feeling utterly helpless.

A local business situated on College Avenue managed to capture the dastardly act on its security camera, revealing the audacious thieves shattering the car window and making off with Violet in a lightning-fast maneuver. This unfortunate development is particularly disheartening given Violet’s history of trauma and neglect, having been rescued in the past.

Roosevelt’s anguish over the incident is palpable, as she revealed the sleepless night that followed. Each time she contemplates the ordeal her beloved pet is enduring, her heart breaks a little more. The emotional toll it has taken on her and her family cannot be overstated. The family is now appealing to the public, soliciting their aid in locating Violet, whom they describe as a timid black French Bulldog, three years of age. It is worth noting that Violet is microchipped, which may assist in her identification.

To incentivize the public’s assistance, the Roosevelt family is offering a substantial reward for Violet’s safe return. They implore anyone who encounters Violet to promptly contact the Oakland police. The family’s desperate plea for their beloved pet’s return serves as a somber reminder of the profound bond between humans and their animal companions.

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