Family mourns tragic loss of 10-year-old girl struck and fatally injured by two vehicles before Christmas.

Liyah-Grace Holsey, a 10-year-old girl, tragically lost her life after being struck by two vehicles while attempting to cross a bustling intersection in Arlington right after school dismissal on December 14. The heart-wrenching incident has left her family devastated, especially as they prepare for their first Christmas without her. Sherre Barnes, Liyah-Grace’s grandmother, expressed her profound sadness, emphasizing the unfairness of the situation, stating, “I thought it was very unfair…because she’s only 10,” in an interview with WFAA.

Liyah-Grace and her grandmother resided together in an Arlington home, now filled with poignant reminders of their beloved girl. Her backpack and Christmas stocking remain untouched, serving as reminders of the joy and innocence that Liyah-Grace brought into their lives. Through tears, Barnes lamented, “She was always wanting to kiss me, and I miss it, I miss it.”

Known affectionately as Gracie, Liyah-Grace was described by her grandmother as a loving and compassionate child. She possessed an extraordinary capacity for affection, frequently showering others with hugs and kisses. Barnes attested that Liyah-Grace never displayed a hint of selfishness. Even when facing adversity or encountering bullies, she steadfastly defended and protected those who bothered her. Barnes fondly recalled how Liyah-Grace would generously give her toys and candy to classmates she wished to bring happiness to. “She gave everything away she had,” Barnes shared, explaining their decision to purchase gift bags for Liyah-Grace’s friends at school in her memory. “She was a giver.”

In addition to her selfless nature, Gracie had an immense love for singing. She dedicated herself to attending every choir practice and harbored dreams of one day gracing the stage as a professional singer. Barnes proudly stated, “Everybody Gracie touched she left an impression on them, and it was of graceful love.”

The Arlington Police Department is currently investigating the crash that claimed Liyah-Grace’s life. According to authorities, both drivers involved in the accident had a green light at the time of the incident. As of now, no criminal charges have been filed. The community mourns the loss of this bright and compassionate young girl, whose life ended far too soon.

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