Family Mourns Loss of Pregnant Teen and Boyfriend: Tragic End Leaves Loved Ones Shattered

In a tragic turn of events, two families are now grieving the loss of a pregnant woman and her boyfriend, whose lifeless bodies were discovered on Tuesday afternoon in northwest San Antonio. The deceased individuals have been identified as Savanah Soto and Matthew Guerra. The discovery of their bodies brings an end to a desperate search that had been initiated after Soto was reported missing.

The sequence of events leading up to this heartbreaking incident unfolded as follows: Soto and Guerra were last seen leaving their apartment in a Kia Optima on Friday afternoon. The following day, Soto’s mother became concerned when her daughter failed to show up for a scheduled hospital appointment for induction. Consequently, she filed a missing persons report. In response to the report, the Leon Valley Police Department issued a CLEAR Alert for Savanah on Monday. However, the search ended tragically on Tuesday when the lifeless bodies of Soto and Guerra were discovered inside a vehicle in the Medical Center area.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus has refrained from disclosing the cause of death, but he has indicated that the couple may have been in the vehicle for up to four days. McManus has also hinted at the possibility of this being a murder case. The investigation took a significant turn around 4 p.m. on Tuesday when the family received a tip that the vehicle the couple had been driving was located at a different apartment complex. Acting promptly, they contacted the police, who subsequently made the devastating discovery.

McManus described the crime scene as “very, very perplexing,” leaving investigators with numerous unanswered questions. The families of both Savanah Soto and Matthew Guerra were present at the scene, their hearts heavy with grief as the bodies were found. Rachel Soto, Savanah’s grandmother, expressed her anguish, stating, “She was a good girl. She didn’t deserve to go this way, especially with her baby. He was an innocent child. Nobody deserved this.” Rachel shared that her granddaughter was a loving person eagerly anticipating the birth of her baby boy. When Savanah failed to appear at the hospital, the family knew something was amiss.

For days, the family had tirelessly searched, prayed, and clung to the hope of finding Savanah. Unfortunately, their prayers were answered in a way they never could have imagined. As the Soto family tries to come to terms with the loss, they are left grappling with unanswered questions about what transpired. Rachel sorrowfully revealed that Savanah had not yet delivered her baby, intensifying the pain and uncertainty surrounding this tragedy.

While the family finds solace in each other’s presence, they are also grateful for the outpouring of support they have received from strangers during this trying time. Rachel expressed her heartfelt appreciation, saying, “I thank everybody for their prayers and their support they’re giving all of us in our time of need. Family, friends, all over. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

San Antonio Police have assumed the lead in the investigation, but they have not disclosed how Soto and Guerra ended up at the Medical Center apartment complex. As they work tirelessly to uncover the truth, the community mourns the loss of two young lives and the unimaginable tragedy that has befallen their families.

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