Family demands civilian oversight after Austin police shoot man

The family and friends of Rajan Moonesinghe, who was shot to death by Austin police in November of last year, are calling for civilian oversight of the investigation into his death. The family held a news conference at 9 a.m. to address what they see as \”ongoing problems with APD’s investigation of the incident.\”

Moonesinghe was killed outside his home on South 3rd Street near Oltorf in Austin just after midnight on November 15, 2022. Austin police say they received a call about a man pointing a rifle down the street. The caller reported that Moonesinghe seemed to be scared of something inside his home.

When officers arrived at the scene, Moonesinghe was standing on his porch firing a rifle into his own home. According to the police, officers told him to drop the gun, but he did not comply. An officer then shot him. Moonesinghe was taken to a hospital, where he later died.

The family of Moonesinghe is now questioning the events that led to his death and the subsequent investigation conducted by the APD. They are demanding an independent civilian oversight committee to oversee the investigation and hold police officers accountable.

The family also expressed their desire for more transparency regarding the case, including the release of any video footage that may exist of the incident. They hope that this oversight will lead to more accountability and transparency within the APD.

The shooting of Rajan Moonesinghe is just one of many incidents that have sparked conversation about police reform across the United States. Civilian oversight committees have become particularly important in ensuring accountability and transparency in cases where police officers are responsible for serious harm or death. The family and friends of Moonesinghe are now calling on the APD to take action and implement an independent civilian oversight committee to hold police accountable for their actions.

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