Family Awaits Justice as 2-Year Anniversary of 20-Year-Old Woman’s Tragic Killing in Port St. Lucie Passes

Fort Pierce, Fla. – The family of Gabriella Hanley, a young woman who was tragically gunned down two years ago, is still seeking justice for her untimely death. Despite the passage of time, no one has been held accountable for the crime. In an effort to raise awareness and demand action, family members, friends, and supporters gathered outside the state attorney’s office in Fort Pierce on Friday.

“I want her killers off the street,” expressed Hanley’s grieving mother, Nicole Vigilante. “I know it won’t bring her back, but at least I will have closure.” Hanley, affectionately known as Gabi, lost her life in what appeared to be a drive-by shooting in Port St. Lucie on October 5, 2021. The local authorities had identified several persons of interest at the time, suspecting a gang-related incident.

However, despite the initial progress in the investigation, no arrests have been made even after two years. “All the evidence has been gathered and submitted by the detectives to the State Attorney’s Office,” stated family friend Michelle Pouch. “They have not given us a reason why no arrest warrants have been issued.” The family and their supporters are determined to ensure that Hanley’s death is not forgotten or dismissed.

With each passing day, frustration grows among the loved ones left behind. The lack of progress in the case only adds to their pain and sense of injustice. The family and friends are demanding answers and action. They gathered outside the State Attorney’s Office, holding signs and making their voices heard. They refuse to let silence overshadow their quest for justice.

Vigilante, in tears, expressed her anguish and pleaded for justice for her daughter. “She was my only daughter,” Vigilante said. “I just want them to do something, start somewhere, and give justice for her.” The family reached out to the State Attorney’s Office for updates, but as of now, they are still waiting to hear back. They are scheduled to speak with representatives on Tuesday morning, hoping for progress in the case.

“We’re not going away,” declared Pouch. “We have been silent. We have been quiet for two years. We’ve let them do their job, and we’re not going to be silent anymore.” The determination and resilience of Hanley’s family and supporters are evident as they continue to seek justice, refusing to let her memory fade away.

As the community stands in solidarity with the grieving family, the plea for justice echoes through the streets of Fort Pierce. The complex investigation and the search for answers continue, with the hope that one day, those responsible for Gabriella Hanley’s tragic death will be held accountable.

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