Families Speak Out on Case of Savanah Soto, Unborn Baby, and Matthew Guerra

Tragedy struck in San Antonio as a pregnant teen and her boyfriend were found dead on Tuesday afternoon. The couple, identified as Savanah Soto and Matthew Guerra, had both been shot behind the ear, according to family members. This shocking incident has left their loved ones devastated and searching for answers.

Gabriel Guerra, Matthew’s father, broke his silence and expressed his grief over the loss of his son and his son’s unborn child. “We’re just all crushed and trying to pick up the pieces and go from here,” he said, his voice heavy with sorrow. The families of both victims are grappling with the overwhelming pain caused by this senseless act of violence.

The San Antonio police made the chilling discovery of the lifeless couple inside their vehicle at an apartment complex parking lot in the Medical Center. Investigators have confirmed that both Savanah and Matthew suffered gunshot wounds. Savanah’s family has shared that the fatal shots were fired at the back of their ears, adding another layer of horror to this tragic incident.

As of now, the families are left with more questions than answers. They are unaware of the circumstances leading up to the deaths and remain uncertain about the identity of the perpetrator. The loss is especially devastating for Savanah’s mother, Gloria Cordova, who had a premonition that something terrible had befallen her daughter and her unborn grandchild. The news of their deaths shattered her heart, leaving her in a state of profound grief.

Cordova revealed that the positioning of the victims in the car raises suspicions. Savanah was found in the front seat with a car seat on top of her, while Matthew was discovered in the back seat. Cordova believes that this indicates the presence of another person at the scene. She also expressed her concerns about Matthew’s potential involvement in illegal activities, citing his past criminal history, which includes charges such as unlawful carry of a weapon, evading police, and assault causing bodily injury.

Despite the troubled past, Matthew’s father emphasized that his son and Savanah were deeply bonded and eagerly anticipating the arrival of their baby boy, Fabian. He acknowledged the imperfections in their relationship but stressed that Savanah was not held captive. He firmly believed that fatherhood would bring about a positive change in Matthew’s life, making him a better person.

Now, both grieving families are appealing for justice. They are pleading for an arrest to be made so that the person responsible for this heinous act can be held accountable. Cordova, overcome with grief, expressed her anguish, stating, “They took an innocent girl that was going to be a mommy, they just took her life for nothing.” The families’ hope for closure and justice remains strong as they navigate through the pain and loss caused by this tragic event.

[Source: KENS5 News]

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