Families Seek Justice for Slain Pregnant Teen and Boyfriend in Longstanding Drive-By Case

Tragic Drive-By Shooting Leaves Two Dead and Families Demanding Answers

San Antonio, Texas – In a devastating incident that took place on August 30, 2020, a young couple lost their lives when their car was sprayed with bullets during a drive-by shooting. Xavier Esquivel, 17, and Vianeth Ramos, 19 and pregnant, were sitting inside a parked car at the intersection of South Olive Street and Aransas Avenue when the horrifying incident occurred. The perpetrators remain at large, and the families of the victims are left grappling for justice.

Despite the passage of more than three years, the San Antonio Police Department has not made any arrests in connection with this heinous crime. The families of Xavier Esquivel and Vianeth Ramos are now demanding answers and seeking closure for the loss of their loved ones. The absence of progress in the investigation has only added to their anguish and frustration.

According to the San Antonio Police, at approximately 9:30 pm on that fateful night, a white SUV pulled up beside the victims’ car and unleashed a hail of bullets, firing at least 20 rounds. Tragically, Xavier Esquivel succumbed to his injuries at the scene, while Vianeth Ramos passed away later at the hospital. Although two other teenagers who were also in the vehicle survived, their lives are forever scarred by the traumatic experience they endured.

Jeanette Mendiola, Xavier’s mother, shared the profound pain that consumes her every day since the loss of her son. She firmly believes that the shooting was a targeted attack, but the lack of updates from the police has left her yearning for closure and justice. All she knows is that her son was giving his friends a ride that night, unaware that it would be their last journey together.

Cynthia Rivera, Vianeth’s mother, is equally tormented by the tragedy and remains perplexed about the events leading up to the shooting. The absence of any information has only intensified her grief. Nevertheless, she finds solace in her belief that her daughter and her unborn baby are now reunited in heaven with Vianeth’s boyfriend, who had also tragically lost his life.

As the families continue to grapple with their unimaginable loss, they implore the public for any information that could aid the investigation. If you have any details about this heinous crime, please contact the San Antonio Police Department’s Homicide Division at 210-207-7635.

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