Electric lawnmowers gaining dominance, replacing gas-powered ones

The Rise of Electric Lawn Equipment: A Hot Trend in the World of Lawn Care

As the world shifts to eco-friendly alternatives, the lawn care industry is also experiencing a surge in electric power. It’s not only cars that are going electric, but even lawnmowers, trimmers, and leaf blowers. Dirk Marder, the owner of Pleasant Valley Outdoor Power, a store specializing in outdoor power equipment, claimed that he has never seen anything quite like this trend, which is gaining momentum at an unprecedented pace.

Marder added that many of his customers are now opting for electric mowers, trimmers, and chain saws. This increasing demand has led to companies producing lithium tools at an even greater rate, from well-known brands such as Stihl, DeWalt, Cub Cadet, Craftsman, and newcomers like E-GO. Marder also exhibited a lithium-powered chain saw, which he believes is perfect for a small subdivision, particularly for tree pruning.

Tyler Graham, who runs the website The Lawn Review, believes that battery technology is performing better than gas-powered equipment and delivering the same, if not better, performance. He asserted that if consumers buy the most expensive electric products, they are more likely to outperform their gas equivalents.

When searching for electric mowers, Graham suggests looking for specific keywords, including brushless motor, which offers increased efficiency, longer runtime, and more powerful cuts. Advertised run time is a key feature, with cheaper models lasting for only 30 minutes, whilst more pricey models offering between 50 to 60 minutes. Battery charge times are also crucial to consider. However, electric tools may not be a suitable option for those with large, sprawling lawns, as one battery will be insufficient. Nonetheless, the majority of homeowners with a half-acre or less should not encounter any issues running out of battery.

Some states and cities such as California and Washington DC are scaling back on pollution by gradually phasing out the purchase of gas-powered equipment. Hence, the next time consumers require a lawnmower or leaf blower, it’s advisable to consider electric and make the switch to eco-friendly options. Marder recommends simply taking electric tools off the shelf, inserting a battery, and using them straight away without wasting time or money.

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