Elderly man safely located after being taken by younger woman following court decision granting daughter guardianship

An elderly man, Marlon Hahn, who had been missing for over a year, has been safely located and returned home, as confirmed by his family. The 86-year-old man was found in March and is now back where he belongs, according to reports received by KENS 5.

The family had been tirelessly searching for Hahn for more than a year, seeking assistance from the public in locating him. San Antonio police revealed that Hahn had been taken by a woman he was residing with, after his daughter, Norma Rose, was granted emergency guardianship by the court.

Norma Rose expressed deep concern for her father, explaining that he had met a younger woman at church a year ago, leading to the woman moving in with him and severing ties with his family. Rose resorted to hiring a private investigator to track down her father, eventually obtaining the necessary information to file for emergency guardianship.

Despite the legal grant of guardianship, when Rose attempted to retrieve her father from the woman’s residence, they had already vacated the premises. Rose disclosed that her father’s financial accounts had been depleted, with credit cards maxed out and annuities and retirement savings compromised.

Furthermore, Rose revealed that her father’s annuity, valued at $175,000, was at risk due to the woman’s attempts to cash it out through legal action. Despite providing the woman’s identity and photos to authorities, the San Antonio Police Department could not confirm her involvement in Hahn’s disappearance.

Rose emphasized the urgency of reuniting with her father, especially considering his diagnosed onset dementia and need for constant care. She likened the situation to a parent missing a child, expressing concerns about his well-being and state of mind. SAPD has urged anyone with information on Hahn’s whereabouts to contact their missing persons division promptly at 210-207-7660.

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