Edison Teacher Fulfills Dream with Master’s Program in Chemistry

January 5, 2024


In a serendipitous turn of events, an email that Sheree Aramini initially dismissed as spam in 2019 ended up changing the trajectory of her life. The email introduced her to the non-profit organization New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning (NJCTL), which she described as her “greatest gift” and a gateway to pursue her passion as a self-proclaimed “science nerd.”

Aramini, a teacher, admitted that she often receives countless emails promoting various programs, but this particular email caught her attention. Intrigued by NJCTL’s courses for teachers seeking certification in STEM subjects, Aramini saw an opportunity to address the ongoing teacher shortage in New Jersey. The affordability of NJCTL’s tuition, which is only 25% of what a typical university charges, made it an attractive option for teachers of all backgrounds.

NJCTL’s endorsement and online teaching programs have positioned it as the go-to resource for teachers looking to enhance their careers by becoming certified in high-demand subjects like mathematics, physics, and chemistry. For Aramini, who has always been eager to explore new avenues of study, NJCTL proved to be the perfect fit. Despite having a bachelor’s degree in international studies and a master’s degree in international public relations, Aramini initially pursued a career as a social studies teacher in 2020, aligning with her love for history at the time.

However, her passion for science persisted, and she longed to teach the subject. Aramini found herself constantly researching colleges and exploring options for obtaining the necessary credits to teach science. The challenge of being a full-time teacher while pursuing an advanced degree seemed daunting. That is until she stumbled upon the email about NJCTL’s online STEM degree program for educators, which she described as the “greatest gift” she could have asked for.

Without hesitation, Aramini enrolled in NJCTL’s chemistry master’s program after verifying the legitimacy of the email. She embarked on her teaching career in January 2020, just before the pandemic forced physical classrooms to close worldwide. Throughout her two years as a social studies teacher, Aramini diligently pursued her NJCTL chemistry master’s degree at her own pace, utilizing the program’s self-paced structure and comprehensive video resources.

Aramini expressed her gratitude for NJCTL’s approach to teaching, highlighting the availability of step-by-step video explanations for each practice question—a resource she wished she had during her college years. NJCTL’s commitment to providing additional support for both teachers and students further solidified Aramini’s belief that anyone can learn science with their guidance.

After completing her NJCTL degree in chemistry in August 2022, Aramini secured her dream job teaching science at Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Edison, her hometown and a highly competitive school district. Her NJCTL degree, coupled with her background in both science and social studies, made her a sought-after candidate in the district. Aramini’s journey as an educator doesn’t end there—she is now pursuing her third master’s degree in physics through NJCTL, continuing to expand her knowledge and skills.

Reflecting on her experience, Aramini acknowledged that NJCTL has fulfilled her dream of becoming a science educator and believes that she is just beginning her journey. With NJCTL providing accessible and comprehensive programs for teachers like Aramini, it’s clear that the organization is making a significant impact on the education landscape in New Jersey.

To learn more about NJCTL and its offerings, visit NJCTL.org.

Image Source: NJCTL


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