East Windsor Township observes National Gun Violence Awareness Day

East Windsor Mayor Janice S. Mironov, accompanied by Council Members Marc Lippman, Denise Daniels, Peter Yeager and John Zoller, joined forces with members of Mercer County Moms Demand Action to release a Mayoral Proclamation marking June 2 as “National Gun Violence Awareness Day.” They intend to draw attention to the effects of gun violence and encourage responsible gun ownership and utilization. Mercer County Moms Demand Action is a group aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of gun violence and ensuring the safety of families.

“National Gun Violence Awareness Day” is an opportunity for us to come together and honor all victims as well as survivors of gun violence while committing ourselves to taking measures that will reduce the effects of indiscriminate gun violence on our community and nation, said Mayor Mironov, voicing the necessity for a joint effort. According to the Mayor, “Gun violence is a national tragedy with over 110 Americans killed each day. Regardless of what anyone thinks, everyone can agree on several things, like using gun locks when keeping weapons.”

The Mayoral Proclamation issued by Mayor Mironov indicated the stark reality of gun violence stating, “Americans are 26 times more likely to die by gun homicide than individuals in higher-income nations.” With 475 gun deaths every year and a 5.2 deaths per 100,000 people rate, New Jersey has the 44th highest gun death rate in the United States. The Proclamation affirms the Mayor’s, along with her council colleagues and Moms Demand Action’s, commitment to reducing gun violence while encouraging responsible gun ownership amongst all, which would result in a safer environment for all residents, particularly children.

Mayor Janice S. Mironov presented the Proclamation recognizing “National Gun Violence Awareness Day” to members of Mercer County Moms Demand Action. Council Members, residents, and members of Moms Demand Action witnessed the event. The ceremony participants included Council Member John Zoller, Zoe McKeown, Council Member Peter Yeager, Graelynn McKeown, Alan Dzubak, Cheryl Dzubak, Regina Quince, Lamia Guarniere, Mayor Janice Mironov, Richard Bauman, Judy Stober, George Clark, Pat Clerk, Council Member Denise Daniels, and Deputy Mayor Marc Lippman.

Through their continued partnership and advocacy, Mayor Mironov, her colleagues on Council, and the Mercer County Moms Demand Action group are committed to achieving their goal of safer gun-related practices in the East Windsor area and the broader, nationwide society.

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