East Windsor Mayor Acknowledges and Commends Boy Scout Troop 5700

East Windsor Township, NJ – In a show of recognition and commendation, Mayor Janice S. Mironov issued a Mayoral Proclamation to honor the members of Boy Scout Troop 5700 for their exceptional lifesaving actions during a sailboat trip in the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. The scouts, Cash Colleton, Jack Conner, Adam Lewandowski, and Connor Suk, along with their scoutmaster Bruce Kramer, were lauded for their proactive and skillful response in coming to the aid of an individual in distress.

According to the Mayoral Proclamation, the scouts demonstrated remarkable composure and vigilance upon receiving a distress message from the coast guard via radio. Sensing the urgency of the situation, they strategically positioned themselves on different parts of the sailboat’s deck, ensuring comprehensive monitoring of the immediate surroundings. Their astute observations led them to discover a disabled jet ski and a discarded backpack floating in the water. Swiftly relaying the coordinates and registration number of the jet ski to the coast guard, the scouts played a pivotal role in facilitating the rescue of the distressed boater, who was located 200 yards away.

Mayor Mironov expressed her pride in the members of Boy Scout Troop 5700, as well as scoutmaster Bruce Kramer, for their proactive and skillful actions that ultimately resulted in the successful rescue of the individual in distress. She emphasized the importance of emergency preparedness, a fundamental lesson ingrained in every scout, and commended the scouts for their exceptional poise and rapid response during a real-life emergency situation. On behalf of the Township Council and the entire community, Mayor Mironov extended her heartfelt commendations to these young individuals for their outstanding display of courage and resourcefulness.

The presentation of the Mayoral Proclamation was accompanied by a photograph capturing the moment. Mayor Janice S. Mironov stood alongside the Boy Scout Troop 5700 members, Cash Colleton, Jack Conner, Adam Lewandowski, Connor Suk, and scoutmaster Bruce Kramer, as she presented the commendation to honor their heroic actions.

This event serves as a testament to the invaluable skills and character development fostered within the Boy Scouts of America organization. The dedication and commitment shown by these young scouts exemplify the positive impact they can make within their community. Their actions serve as an inspiration to others and highlight the importance of being prepared to respond effectively during times of crisis.

As the community celebrates the achievements of Boy Scout Troop 5700, their story stands as a reminder of the remarkable potential that lies within the hearts and minds of young individuals. It is through their unwavering determination and selflessness that communities are fortified, and lives are saved.

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