East Side Boys & Girls Club of San Antonio Gets Revamped Teen Center

San Antonio’s Boys and Girls Club on the East Side of the city received a major facelift on Tuesday, with a new look that promises a safe, fun, and inclusive environment for teenagers fond of hanging out at the facility.

Teenagers visiting the club after school, especially during the summer holidays, have had a hand in almost every aspect of the new center, according to Ada Saenz, CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of San Antonio.

“They get a lot of different programs here. They hang out. They do their homework,” said Saenz, highlighting the significance of the club in the lives of thousands of young people who frequent the facility.

The teens will now enjoy an upgraded arcade and gaming area with brand new furniture, televisions, and gaming systems, thanks to the generous $20,000 donation from Aaron’s. The new kitchen in the facility is equipped with a modern deep fryer and microwave to cater to the tastes of the young people, while the new computer lab will enable them to explore various educational opportunities, including scholarship options.

Furthermore, the new center is seen as a space free from bullies, a critical feature that will encourage equal participation from everyone. Saenz, speaking on behalf of the organization, emphasized the critical role the club plays in the lives of the teenagers, saying: “They know it’s a safe place. A bully-free zone, and it’s a place of education. We provide them with opportunities and programs to ensure they have a great future.”

The new facility at the Boys and Girls Club on the East Side of San Antonio is undoubtedly a dream come true not just for the teenagers who helped flesh out its details, but the entire community in general. It provides hope and a glimpse of a brighter future for previously marginalized teenagers, thanks to the support of Aaron’s and the unwavering commitment of the Boys and Girls Club organization.

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