Eanes ISD School Board Acquires Teslas for District Police

Eanes ISD School Board Approves Purchase of Teslas for District Police Department

AUSTIN, Texas – In a recent decision that has sparked controversy among some parents, the Eanes ISD school board has voted in favor of purchasing Teslas for the district police department. The move comes as part of an effort to equip the officers with the necessary tools to carry out their duties effectively.

“We know that we are going to have a formal police department, and these will be official officers, and as a part of that equipment, we are proposing that they have equipment necessary to do their jobs and to respond,” explained Eanes ISD Superintendent Dr. Jeff Arnett.

The decision to acquire Teslas for the district police department was not made lightly. The agenda item was tabled last month, and the school board took the opportunity to consult with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement to ensure that the purchase aligns with essential requirements and fairness for the department.

“We went through the legal procurement process and followed all the required steps. We looked at those bids that were submitted, and we evaluated them to determine the best qualifying offer,” stated Dr. Arnett.

To further address concerns and provide transparency, Dr. Arnett also took to the Eanes ISD police department website to explain the reasoning behind the purchase of nine Teslas.

He revealed that more than 90 vendors were invited to bid in July and August, but only two qualified vendors responded. After careful evaluation, Tesla was deemed to be the best value for Eanes ISD taxpayers, and the vehicles can be obtained within 60 days.

Dr. Arnett emphasized that alternative vehicles would take at least a year to receive and would come at a considerably higher cost. The decision to opt for Teslas was based on their value and cost-effectiveness for both the taxpayers and the newly established police department.

According to the agenda, the Teslas will require minimal maintenance and will not need fuel, making them a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

However, not all parents are in favor of the purchase. Jennifer Stevens, a concerned parent, pointed out that the district lacks electric vehicle chargers on its campuses and questioned the expenditure of purchasing electric vehicles for officers who are not supposed to leave the campus.

Stevens also highlighted the district’s financial constraints, stating, “Our district is currently $2 million in the red. We have a huge budget deficit, and this would be another half-million-dollar outlay of expenditure just to purchase the vehicles upfront.”

Responding to these concerns, Dr. Arnett clarified that the funds for the Teslas do not come from the same budget used for staff compensation or teacher salaries. He assured that these expenses are separate and do not impact the Eanes Education Foundation’s funding.

Heather Sheffield, the Eanes ISD School Board Secretary, expressed her support for the purchase, emphasizing the importance of protecting students. Sheffield stated, “I want to make sure that we are protecting our students every way we possibly can. So, if that is an extra $41-42,000 to give them a vehicle that we have already budgeted for, that is not taking away from teacher pay. I think we need to do it.”

The decision to purchase Teslas for the Eanes ISD district police department has generated mixed reactions among parents and stakeholders. While some applaud the move as a necessary step to ensure the safety and efficiency of the officers, others raise concerns about the financial implications and the lack of infrastructure to support electric vehicles on campus.

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