Dublin School District Faces Lawsuit as Student Gets Shot with Orbeez Gun

A high school senior in the East Bay is currently in the process of recovering from a severe eye injury inflicted by an Orbeez gun. This unfortunate incident occurred within the confines of the school parking lot during a so-called “assassins game,” an unapproved competition amongst senior students that entails the utilization of toy guns to shoot at fellow classmates.

Last Wednesday, the victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, was simply situated within her car in the school parking area when she unfortunately found herself on the receiving end of this perilous game. Overwhelmed by shock, she recounted her experience saying, “I’m kind of just sitting there like in shock and I’m worried if there’s something seriously wrong with my eye… It hurt.”

Medical professionals have since diagnosed her with blunt force trauma, leaving her uncertain about the possibility of regaining her eyesight in the right eye. Consequently, the victim’s family has decided to pursue legal action against the Dublin Unified School District while their daughter recovers from this life-altering injury, according to their lawyer, Ashley Meyers. Meyers expressed, “We know the school district had notice that students were using these guns on campus. They had notice even that they were using them during this school year.”

Approximately two weeks ago, the school district issued a safety alert to parents, cautioning them about the dangers associated with the assassins game. The alert explicitly emphasized that the game was unsanctioned and participants could face severe consequences. A spokesperson for the school district acknowledged the incident and revealed that it is currently under investigation by the Dublin police.

The victim, meanwhile, finds herself frustrated that her way of life has been dramatically disrupted as a result of a game that she believes could have been prevented. She expressed her dismay, stating, “It kind of discourages me to go to school a little bit because you know, you go there for your education and come home with one less eye.”

As this high school senior battles to regain her health and adjust to her new reality, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers that can arise from seemingly harmless activities. The Dublin Unified School District now faces scrutiny as authorities delve into the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate event, while the victim and her family grapple with the physical and emotional repercussions of this life-altering incident.

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