Driver tries to breach JBSA-Camp Bullis, according to authorities

Security personnel swiftly responded to an alarming incident that unfolded on Saturday afternoon, as a driver attempted to breach the Joint Base San Antonio – Camp Bullis, located in northwest San Antonio. Authorities have reported that the driver failed to adhere to the base entrance protocol, prompting immediate action from security personnel.

The situation escalated further when the driver, undeterred by security’s presence, made a hasty attempt to exit the facility by utilizing the inbound lane at an excessively high speed. In response, security personnel swiftly took defensive measures to safeguard the base and its occupants.

The audacious driver eventually managed to exit the facility, proceeding down Northwest Military Highway. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, both the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office and the San Antonio Police Department were promptly alerted to the incident and launched a thorough search for the driver in the surrounding area.

In light of the breach at JBSA-Camp Bullis, officials temporarily closed the entrance to the base. Additionally, the entrance and exit points were redirected to Gate 5, specifically the Camp Stanley gate located off Ralph Fair Road. However, authorities have now confirmed that the main entrance to JBSA-Camp Bullis has been reopened, ensuring the smooth flow of operations.

Fortunately, no injuries or property damage were reported as a result of the incident. Nevertheless, the authorities have initiated an investigation to uncover the motives behind the driver’s reckless actions and to prevent any future breaches of this nature.

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