Driver crashed into elderly woman’s home in Dallas and fled the scene leaving property damaged, authorities asking for help in locating the driver

The 88-year-old Esther Rodrigues and her family are uninjured, but their home is almost completely destroyed after a vehicle crashed into their home and the driver fled the scene.

According to Katherine Martinez, Rodrigues’ daughter, her mother and the other family members were inside their home when the vehicle crashed, but luckily no one got hurt.

They say Rodrigues has been living there for several decades and this is second time similar incident to take place.

“This is the second time it’s happened here at my mother’s house. She’s 88 years old and she shouldn’t have to be going through this right now,” Martinez said.

The police said the driver fled the scene after the crash leaving huge damages.

“He destroyed the column that was here. He ruined the floors in my mother’s house,” said Martinez. “This was at three in the morning.”

Rodrigues lives in the West Oak Cliff area. Her neighbors tried to catch the driver right after the incident, but he somehow managed to flee them. Dallas Police Department officers are trying to identify and locate the driver, but so far, they were unable to obtain valuable information.

“My neighbors tried to hold him back, but he fought back and then he took off running,” said Martinez.

The family are also asking the local authorities to be more present in the area in order to avoid similar incidents to happen in the future.

Meanwhile, the Dallas police is asking everyone with information in regards to the incident to contact them at 1-877-373-TIPS or simply call 911. contributed to this report.

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