DPS is hosting a press conference on the mass shooting at the Allen Mall on Tuesday

Authorities in Texas are set to hold a press conference on Tuesday afternoon regarding the Allen Mall mass shooting. The event, which will be hosted by the Texas Department of Public Safety, is expected to commence at 2:00 pm. Attendees will include representatives from the FBI and Allen Police Department, with the public eagerly awaiting details about the tragic incident.

This will be the first time officials will address the public since Saturday, following the mass shooting, which left eight people dead and seven others injured. During two previous press conferences, officials refused to answer questions, leaving most of the details about the gunman and his motives to come from leaks, causing confusion and misinformation.

Meanwhile, the shooting, which occurred at the Allen Premium Outlets on the 800 block of West Stacy Road near US Highway 75, resulted in seven reported fatalities at the scene, including the gunman, who was shot by a policeman. Two others died in hospital, while seven were injured and received medical treatment.

Since the Texas Department of Public Safety took over the investigation, only the gunman’s name, age and city of residence have been confirmed, alongside a list of victims aged between three and 37, which was released on Monday. The public is hoping that Tuesday’s press conference will shed more light on the incident, including further details about the victims, as well as the gunman’s potential motives.

In light of this tragic event, the public has been urged to stay vigilant, with many seeking answers as to how something like this could happen in a safe environment such as a shopping mall. As the Texas Department of Public Safety prepares to reveal more about the Allen Mall mass shooting, the country is unified in mourning, hoping that events like this are never allowed to occur again.

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