Downpours and roaring skies repeat: Submit Click2Pins videos, photos of storms in your area

Houston Area Braces for Potential Flooding Amid Heavy Rainfall and Thunderstorms

Houston, TX – As a massive thunderstorm continues to pummel the area, residents are being warned of a heightened risk of flooding. The skies in the Houston area have been darkened by the incessant rumble of thunder, with rain pouring down relentlessly since early morning. The storm has brought significant disruptions and caused several traffic jams in the city.

According to weather reports, the storm is not likely to move away anytime soon, and Houstonians are advised to exercise caution. In line with this, has urged individuals to submit their photos and videos to aid in the dissemination of real-time weather updates. Viewers can also visit the site to view some of the shared photos and videos online.

Garcia1427 shared an epic view of a rainbow south of downtown Malone and Theo, taken amid the chaos of weather. Do you have photos or videos of the Houston storm? Submit them to and share your experiences with the world, even as you help keep others informed.

Not sure how to upload your photos and videos? Worry not; has made it incredibly easy for everyone. Here are the four steps involved:

1. Log in or create an account on
2. Upload your photo or video by clicking the ‘Upload a Pin’ button
3. Select a category under a channel
4. Finally, click on ‘Upload’

Alternatively, one can also use the Click2Houston app, KPRC 2+ App, and KPRC 2 weather app for smooth and easy file uploads.

As the storm rages on, Houstonians are advised to take every precaution necessary to remain safe. In related news, has provided links to other weather-related sites such as the Outrupt Tracker, ERCOT Electricity Network Dashboard, and Radar, all aimed at providing relevant and real-time information.

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