Disney warns of potential consequences for ‘disfavored’ views if DeSantis wins lawsuit

In a recent federal lawsuit, Disney has claimed that its free speech rights were violated by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. However, if DeSantis emerges victorious, Disney believes that it will not be the last entity to face consequences for supporting a “disfavored viewpoint.” The entertainment giant made this assertion in court documents filed on Monday, underscoring the potential far-reaching implications of the case.

Disney argued that the First Amendment safeguards the right to free speech, even when it contradicts the powers of the government. The company’s legal team urged the judge to reject DeSantis’ motion to dismiss their First Amendment lawsuit, emphasizing the importance of protecting this fundamental constitutional right.

The lawsuit by Disney alleges that DeSantis unconstitutionally seized control of Walt Disney World’s governing district in response to the company’s public opposition to a state law banning classroom discussions on sexual orientation and gender identity in early grades. It is worth noting that DeSantis is currently vying for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, making the case politically significant.

Before DeSantis’s appointees took charge earlier this year, the district had been managed by Disney supporters for over five decades. Their responsibilities included overseeing municipal services for Disney World’s vast expanse of 25,000 acres (10,117 hectares), encompassing tasks such as road repairs and waste collection.

Disney firmly asserted the gravity of the situation, stating, “If the line is not drawn here, there is no line at all.” It claimed that the state’s retaliation against the company for expressing its views was swift and severe, as Disney was promptly stripped of its voting rights in the governing body responsible for regulating its own private property.

DeSantis, along with other defendants such as a state agency and DeSantis’ appointees on the revamped district board, argue that the First Amendment lawsuit lacks merit and claim immunity from liability. Disney is also involved in a separate legal battle with the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District in state court in Orlando.

Prior to the transition of control from Disney allies to DeSantis’ appointees, the Disney supporters on the board had signed agreements with the company, granting Disney control over design and construction at Disney World. These agreements also prohibited the district from using Disney characters or intellectual property without permission. The newly appointed board members claimed that these “eleventh-hour deals” weakened their authority, leading the district to file a lawsuit seeking to nullify the contracts.

Disney has responded by filing counterclaims, seeking validation and enforcement of the agreements through the state court. The legal conflict between Disney and the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District highlights the complex and contentious nature of the dispute.

It remains to be seen how this legal battle will unfold, but its outcome could have significant implications for the protection of free speech rights and the relationship between corporations and government entities. The case serves as a reminder of the delicate balance that must be maintained in upholding constitutional principles while navigating the intricate dynamics of public and private interests.

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