DeSantis’ presidential bid on hold as financial backing holds off.

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has remained tight-lipped about a potential White House run, despite some reports suggesting that he may join the race this month. Political science professor at Florida Atlantic University, Kevin Wagner, commented on DeSantis’s silence, stating, “I’m going to wait just like everybody else and see who decides to get into [the race] and who doesn’t.”

However, amid rumors of DeSantis’s potential candidacy, early support from some wealthy donors may be slipping. According to a Monday report by Politico, some financial executives on Wall Street no longer see DeSantis as a strong candidate, while former President Donald Trump is currently leading in polls for the Republican nomination.

Republican media strategist Adam Goodman commented that some people may feel it is “very easy and emotional to want to jump very early to the DeSantis bandwagon,” but added that taking their time and seeing how the governor performs when he hits the trail may be a better approach.

DeSantis has faced criticism from some Republicans over his characterization of Russia’s war in Ukraine as a “territorial dispute,” as well as his ongoing dispute with Disney. However, both Goodman and Wagner point out that it is still early in the presidential cycle, and fortunes in politics can change rapidly.

As the potential presidential candidates begin to emerge, the question remains as to whether Governor DeSantis will officially throw his hat into the ring. While his supporters wait with bated breath to see if he will enter the race, the governor has remained focused on signing bills and carrying out his official duties in Florida. As the race begins to heat up, DeSantis’s next moves will be closely watched by both his supporters and detractors alike.

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