Deltona Leaders Contemplate Moratorium on Dollar Stores

Deltona, Florida – A growing concern among residents of Deltona is the proliferation of dollar stores in their city. Responding to these complaints, Deltona Mayor Santiago Avila, Jr. has taken a proactive stance by proposing a moratorium on the development of new dollar stores. Mayor Avila has requested a discussion on this matter during the upcoming city commission meeting scheduled for November 27.

The intention behind this temporary halt is to provide the city with ample time to review and update their existing land use codes. If approved, the proposed moratorium will effectively pause the establishment of new dollar stores for a minimum period of six months. Mayor Avila asserts that the primary objective is to establish clear guidelines that prevent an “overconcentration” of dollar stores within close proximity to one another.

In an effort to gain a deeper understanding of the current situation, News 6 reporter Treasure Roberts embarked on a brief investigation to determine the proximity of the dollar stores in Deltona. In a mere three-minute walk, she was able to traverse from the Dollar Tree on Doyle Road to a Dollar General located on the same street. This close proximity further underscores the need for regulating the development of additional dollar stores in the area.

Mayor Avila acknowledges that the community desires a more diverse range of establishments, including restaurants and chain stores. He expresses his frustration, stating, “Something starts getting built, we all get excited, and lo and behold — it’s another dollar store.” However, not all residents share this sentiment. Fred Walker, a Deltona resident, believes that the presence of dollar stores is essential for individuals who are not financially privileged. Walker contends that these stores have been a lifeline for him and others during times of inflation.

It is important to note that if the proposal passes in the future, it will not impact the dollar stores currently operating in Deltona. However, it may serve as a catalyst for the expansion or construction of new establishments that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of the community.

As the discussion on the moratorium approaches, Deltona residents eagerly anticipate the outcome, hoping for a future that strikes a balance between the convenience of dollar stores and the desire for a more varied retail landscape. The decision made by the city commission will undoubtedly shape the future development and composition of businesses in Deltona.

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