Delta will continue to use one gate at Dallas Love Field for another six years, obligated to pay Alaska Airlines $200,000 a year

Dallas, TX – The city-owned Dallas Love Field airport is pretty popular among several airline companies mostly because of its location which many travelers find it more convenient compared to the DFW airport which is 16 miles away.

That’s why Delta did everything in their power to keep one of the 20 gates that the company uses for flights between Dallas and Atlanta. Delta was involved in a long court fight over gates at the airport, which is dominated by Southwest Airlines, but this week the city council passed an agreement which allows Delta to use one gate at the airport in the next six years.

Delta has shared one of the airport’s 20 gates with Southwest since 2014, and currently uses it for up to five daily flights between Dallas and Atlanta. Southwest, which subleased the gate from United Airlines, has tried to remove rival Delta for several years. Southwest controls 17 other gates.

In an effort to make Dallas Love Field airport even more popular, Dallas city officials suggested a plan for expanding the airport and building more gates, but local residents that live close to the airport immediately opposed the idea.

Alaska Airlines currently controls two gates at the airport and they only have two flights per day. Per this week’s city council agreement, Delta is allowed to use one of Alaska Airlines’ gates, but they will have to pay Alaska $200,000 a year through September 2028, an idea proposed by the city.

The settlement would resolve a lawsuit that the city filed in 2015. In effect, city officials threw up their hands and asked a federal court to sort out an impasse that involved two federal agencies and six airlines. contributed to this report.

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