Del Valle ISD Classes Commence on August 9

Del Valle, Texas – As the start of a new academic year approaches, sixteen campuses in Del Valle are eagerly preparing to welcome students and staff on Wednesday morning. The growth of the district is a source of pride for many, including Robyn Mchaurge, a dedicated teacher at Del Valle Middle School. Mchaurge, an alumna of the district herself, expresses her enthusiasm, stating, “Being able to come back and be a part of the giveback to this community, the education system, it’s an unreal feeling.”

Having taught in the district for five years, this marks Mchaurge’s first year at the brand-new middle school. She expresses high expectations for the upcoming year, emphasizing the excitement of a new building and the potential for an outstanding academic experience. Joining her in highlighting the favorable amenities, Christopher Weddle, the Del Valle ISD Executive Director of Communications, mentions the large hallways, expansive windows, and abundant natural light that will delight the students as they walk through the front doors.

In addition to the impressive facilities, the district is dedicated to ensuring equal access to meals for all students. Through the Community Eligibility Provision, a federal meal program, middle school and elementary students will receive meals at no cost. Mchaurge emphasizes the significance of this provision, stating, “The fact that my students can come in and don’t have to worry about whether they get breakfast or their siblings in district get breakfast or lunch, that is a huge thing.”

To further support students and families, the district hosted a back-to-school bash over the weekend, generously providing nearly 1,200 backpacks. However, it is important to note that clear backpacks are required for middle and high school students throughout the school year. This measure aims to enhance safety and security within the school grounds.

With the anticipated influx of students on the first day, the district emphasizes the necessity of patience from parents. Christopher Weddle emphasizes the potential for heavy traffic and requests understanding during this initial phase. Furthermore, to assist parents and students using the transportation system, text messages have been sent out to outline bus routes, stops, and estimated arrival times. The district also provides a parent portal, “smart tag,” which offers real-time updates on bus locations.

It is worth mentioning that drop-off and pick-up procedures vary among campuses, accommodating individual needs and ensuring a smooth arrival and departure experience. Mchaurge hopes that this welcoming environment on the first day will leave students excited for the remaining year, as the faculty and staff eagerly await their return on Thursday.

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