Decades-old unsolved cases of unidentified victims under investigation by TCSO

Travis County, Texas – In a bid to generate fresh leads, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office has recently unveiled a website dedicated to unsolved mysteries. Among these cases are several involving individuals who have remained unidentified for several decades.

Leading the charge in the cold case division at TCSO is Detective Javier Hernandez, who closely collaborates with the homicide unit. Expressing his motivation for launching the page, Detective Hernandez emphasized the importance of providing a face and a voice to the victims, while ensuring that the community remains aware of the ongoing efforts in resolving these cases.

The following are some of the unidentified cold cases that the TCSO is actively investigating:

When tackling cold cases, Detective Hernandez adopts a comprehensive approach, meticulously examining every aspect from the very beginning, while leveraging the advancements in today’s technology to analyze evidence. “We make it a priority to assess the evidence at our disposal,” he affirmed, adding, “If we possess any pertinent evidence, we strive to bring it up to contemporary standards.”

In instances involving the discovery of bodies, the team endeavors to obtain DNA samples from family members if they can be identified. In the absence of such information, DNA samples are sent to the University of North Texas, where efforts are made to assign a name to the unidentified individual. Detective Hernandez explained that they often employ familial genetic genealogy (FGG) to explore potential leads and locate family members who may provide valuable insights into the case.

Should you possess any information pertaining to these cases, you are encouraged to submit tips using any of the following methods:

1. [Insert Method 1]
2. [Insert Method 2]
3. [Insert Method 3]

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office remains committed to unearthing the truth behind these cold cases, and the launch of this website marks a significant step forward in their relentless pursuit of justice.

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