Dallas woman tearfully apologizes for claiming airline passenger was a figment of her imagination

Dallas Woman Breaks Silence on Profanity-Laden Meltdown during Flight

DALLAS – In a recent turn of events, a Dallas woman who experienced a public meltdown and asserted that one of the passengers onboard was ‘not real’ during an American Airlines flight last month has come forward to share her side of the story.

Tiffany Gomas, a 38-year-old woman, recently took to social media and posted a video addressing the incident for the first time since the footage of her verbal outburst on a flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Orlando went viral.

The plane video captured Gomas repeatedly expressing, “I’m telling you, I’m getting the f–k off and there’s a reason why I’m getting the f–k off, and everyone can either believe it or they cannot believe it.”

Elaborating further, she gestured towards the back of the aircraft, adamant in her claim that “that motherf–ker back there is NOT real.” The video shows other passengers turning their heads to where Gomas pointed.

Following the video’s viral status and the subsequent creation of numerous memes, Gomas chose to remain silent. However, on Sunday, she finally broke her silence through another video shared on her social media account.

“Hey everyone, it is Tiffany Gomas, probably better known as the crazy plane lady, which is completely warranted,” she admitted at the beginning of the video, as media reports had already identified her as the woman involved in the airplane incident earlier in the month.

With utmost sincerity, Gomas took full responsibility for her actions, acknowledging their complete inappropriateness. “My use of profanity was completely unnecessary, and I want to apologize to everyone on that plane, especially those who had children on board,” she expressed remorsefully.

While Gomas shared that she had managed to find humor in the memes generated in response to her ordeal, she also highlighted the distressing extent of the invasive and unkind media coverage she has received.

“We all experience moments of weakness, some more severe than others, and unfortunately, mine happened to be caught on camera for the world to witness repeatedly,” she tearfully confided.

Displaying resilience, Gomas revealed her determination to transform her experience into a positive force, directing attention to her website, which she plans to utilize as a platform to foster discussions on mental health and combat cyberbullying.

On the website, an embedded version of her video statement is available, accompanied by the phrase “stay tuned.”

During her public statement, Gomas did not divulge the specific cause of her distress. According to an incident report from DFW Airport DPS, Gomas had engaged in an argument with a family, accusing them of stealing her air pods.

Consequently, a written criminal trespass notice was issued in Gomas’ name due to her disturbance during the flight. However, she left the airport before she could formally acknowledge the notice.

As the world hears Tiffany Gomas’ perspective on her tumultuous airplane ordeal, it stands as a reminder that even in moments of vulnerability, individuals strive to overcome difficulties and use their experiences to bring about positive change.

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