Dallas shelter asking for community’s help in adopting larger dogs, running out of capacity

Dallas, TX – Local animal shelter is asking for community’s help in adopting larger dogs since the shelter is running out of capacity.

According to the Dallas Animal Services, they ask the local community to adopt dogs over 40 pounds.

“It’s really all about what you’re looking for. There’s definitely a little more security in my opinion when it comes to having a big dog. It just makes me feel safe and they can be lap dogs too,” said Whitney Hanson, the manager for Dallas Animal Services.

According to Hanson, if someone is not able to adopt a dog can help in different other ways. She says that those who want to help but are not able to adopt a dog can open their homes to foster a dog or simply by making a donation or volunteering.

The Texas Big Dog Campaign, that runs for the whole month of October, encourages adoption for pets most at-risk – dogs over 40 pounds.

Pets for adoption are completely free and come up with all the vaccines.

For more details, please visit bedallas90.org.

texasstandard.news contributed to this report.

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