Dallas Police Chief proudly displays tattoos following policy update

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia made headlines on Wednesday when he boldly displayed his arm tattoos in a photo, a move that would have previously violated department policy. The photo, shared on X, showcased Garcia’s visible arm tattoos, defying the previous requirement for officers to cover arm tattoos with long sleeves.

This significant shift in policy occurred last week when city officials announced updates for both police officers and firefighters. The revised policy now permits firefighters a “limited allowance of visible tattoos,” while police officers are allowed to display “approved, visible body art.” Additionally, the updated policy allows police officers to maintain “groomed, natural beards.”

Responding to the change, Garcia took to X to express the evolution in policy, stating, “Please let us have tattoos they asked. Well, I pushed back for over 3 1/2 years. They work tirelessly for our city…I gotta evolve a little… Won’t be everyday…but, we were go!” This shift reflects Garcia’s willingness to adapt to the desires of his officers while upholding professionalism.

In May, Garcia solidified his commitment to Dallas by reaching a deal with the city, despite reported interest in the same position from Houston and Austin. Interim City Manager Kim Tolbert announced that Garcia will remain in Dallas through at least mid-2027, with a salary of $306,440.40 and a retention bonus of $10,000 every six months starting in November.

Expressing his dedication to the city, Garcia affirmed, “To live and work in Dallas is to love Dallas. This is the right place to complete my service, and I know your police officers are honored to serve Dallas residents. We will keep doing our jobs with excellence and results.” Garcia’s commitment to Dallas underscores his passion for serving the community and upholding the integrity of the police force.

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