Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson tested positive for COVID-19, expects to continue working in isolation

Dallas, TX – On Tuesday morning, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson informed the public that he tested positive on Covid-19.

According to Johnson, he experienced only mild, cold-like symptoms and the isolation period is yet to be determined by his doctor.

“I expect to continue working in isolation, and I am looking forward to returning to Dallas City Hall as soon as I am medically cleared to do so,” he said.

Johnson further explained that he decided to make an at-home antigen test after he discovered that he has been in a close contact with someone who tested positive on the virus. The at-home test came back positive.

As he already announced earlier, Johnson was fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and he even received one booster shot. He used this occasion to once again urge local residents vaccinate against the virus since the vaccines are currently the best weapon we have in battling the virus.

While vaccines don’t offer 100% protection of getting infected with coronavirus, dozens of tests confirmed that they still offer significant protection of developing severe condition, hospitalization and death.

“While our lives are largely back to normal, the virus is still with us. Know your risk factors, take appropriate precautions, and be kind to others who may be vulnerable to COVID-19,” said Mayor Johnson.

Despite being vaccinated with three doses of the Covid-19 vaccines, Johnson once tested positive on Covid-19 in October last year. Yesterday he tested positive for a second time.

texasstandard.news contributed to this report.

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