Dallas ISD student, an Ethiopian immigrant, is ready to serve the our country

Dallas, Texas – The heartwarming story of a student who overcame immense obstacles to pursue his dream of serving the nation has unfolded in Dallas. Hamersen Bekele, an immigrant from Ethiopia, has just earned his diploma from WT White High School and is now destined for the prestigious West Point Military Academy.

Bekele’s achievements are even more remarkable considering the difficulties he faced. A few years ago, he arrived in Dallas without any knowledge of the English language, having never stepped outside Ethiopia. But today, he stands as an emblem of triumph over adversity as he becomes the first WT White student in over a decade to be accepted into West Point.

During his last day of Dallas Independent School District (ISD) classes, Bekele’s classmates from Major Nebyou Yonas’ Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) class celebrated his achievement. Bekele’s hard-earned grit, coupled with his improving English proficiency, instilled him with newfound confidence, leading to his acceptance at West Point.

Bekele recounts his experience as a culture shock, having no concept of life beyond Ethiopia’s confines. But his chance meeting with Major Yonas, the school’s senior marine instructor, brought a significant change. Both immigrants from Ethiopia during their teenage years, Bekele found an immediate connection with Yonas. He encouraged Bekele to join the ROTC, leading to the crucible of Bekele’s transformation.

Yonas marvelled at Bekele’s diligent work ethic, astounded by his persistence in always seeking to improve his work. Bekele’s dream is to wear the white coat and devote his life to healing his fellow citizens. He also hopes to invest in technological development and contribute to his homeland, Ethiopia, by promoting technological advancements.

Although being apprehensive about leaving his mother in Dallas while pursuing his dream, Bekele is excited about the journey ahead. His father, who never completed his high school education, now plans to graduate as his son concludes his tenure at West Point. Major Yonas believes in Bekele’s indefatigable drive, affirmed he’s exceedingly proud, for he knows his potential is boundless.

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