Cyclist injured in Gulf Stream crash demands more serious charges against elderly driver

Diego Rico, a 37-year-old man, expressed his gratitude for still being alive after being one of the nine cyclists struck by a vehicle in early January along A1A in Gulf Stream. Recalling the harrowing incident, Rico vividly described flipping and gazing up to see the pavement before realizing he had survived. His current state finds him confined to a wheelchair as he navigates his path to recovery, bearing the physical scars of the ordeal, including 20 stitches on his knee, a shattered pelvis, and a significant tear in the rotator cuff.

Displaying the remnants of his cycling attire from the day of the crash, complete with rips, tears, and bloodstains, Rico’s resilience shines through as he recounts the traumatic event. The Florida Highway Patrol disclosed that the driver responsible for the collision was a 77-year-old woman who reportedly experienced a seizure, epilepsy, or blackout at the time of the incident. Despite the severity of the situation, Rico expressed his disappointment in not receiving any communication from the woman, emphasizing the need for accountability and safety on the roads.

In light of the circumstances, Rico underscored the inadequacy of the driver’s traffic citations, which included failing to maintain her lane, lacking proof of insurance, and unknowingly driving with a suspended or revoked license. He voiced concerns about the exorbitant medical expenses facing him and his fellow cyclists, stressing the long road to recovery ahead. With a projected six months of therapy required before he can resume his construction job and a year until full mobility is restored, Rico acknowledged the immense strain on his family, particularly his wife, who juggles multiple responsibilities to support their livelihood.

Following the incident, a collective effort among cyclists has emerged, advocating for enhanced road safety measures and initiating a GoFundMe campaign to aid the victims in their recuperation. Despite the challenges ahead, Rico’s unwavering passion for cycling remains undimmed as he looks forward to reuniting with his companions, resuming his beloved pastime, and providing for his family. The resilience and solidarity displayed in the aftermath of the tragedy serve as a testament to the strength and camaraderie within the cycling community.

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