Councilman Marc Whyte Arrested for DWI, According to Records

San Antonio City Councilman Marc Whyte was apprehended on the evening of Friday, located on the north side of the city, under the suspicion of driving while intoxicated, as stated by Bexar County court records. The incident transpired during a routine traffic stop on the NE Loop 410 access road at approximately 11 p.m., as reported by the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD). Authorities further added that Whyte displayed evident signs of intoxication, leading to an assessment for driving while under the influence. Consequently, he was promptly taken into custody, with bail set at $2,000, according to official records.

Notably, Councilman Marc Whyte succeeded former Councilman Clayton Perry, who himself faced a similar charge of driving while intoxicated nearly a year ago. This incident raises concerns regarding the conduct of local elected officials, particularly within the realm of responsible behavior.

In response to the news of his arrest, Whyte promptly issued a statement to KENS 5 on Saturday. He expressed, “I did not perceive any signs of intoxication when I drove home last night. I always refrain from operating a vehicle if I believe I have consumed an excessive amount of alcohol. However, that is not the crux of the matter. Regardless of consuming even a single drink, no individual should engage in driving. I wholeheartedly accept responsibility for my actions and extend my sincerest apologies to the constituents of District 10, my family, friends, fellow council members, and anyone else whom I have disappointed.”

This unfortunate incident involving Councilman Marc Whyte serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible decision-making, particularly within the realm of public service. The community expects their elected officials to uphold the highest standards of conduct, both personally and professionally. As this case unfolds, it remains to be seen how this incident will impact Councilman Whyte’s political career and public perception. The consequences of driving under the influence extend far beyond personal repercussions, as they endanger the lives of innocent individuals and erode public trust.

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