Conservatives Complain About Miller Lite’s ‘Woke Cult’; Bud Light Criticized Previously

Miller Lite, the popular beer brand, has come under fire from conservative groups after launching an ad campaign for Women’s History Month that seeks to rectify the brand’s sexist past. The campaign includes a commercial that features comedian Ilana Glazer, who discusses women’s historic role in brewing beer. In response to the campaign, conservative personalities have criticized the brand for promoting “woke culture” and abandoning its traditional image.

The controversy began when Citizen Free Press posted the Miller Lite ad on its website, accompanied by the caption, “Miller Lite has joined the woke cult.” The post received attention from conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren, who tweeted in response, “No no no no no! Miller Lite is my beer! Who is running these companies?! Bad bad move.” Lahren formerly called Dallas home and worked for Glenn Beck’s media outlet, the Blaze.

Conservative writer Benny Johnson also weighed in on the controversy, tweeting a post that featured Glazer and former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Johnson criticized Miller Lite’s choice of spokesperson for its “working-class beer brand,” and lambasted the ad agencies responsible for the campaign.

Austin-based conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ website Infowars also covered the controversy. Owen Shroyer, who hosts a show on Infowars and has been charged in connection with the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot, discussed the spot on the site. Shroyer read a quote from a Forbes article that praised Miller Lite’s campaign before launching into a tirade against the brand.

Not all the negative attention directed at Miller Lite has been the result of political affiliations. Conservative comedian Tim Young also chimed in on the controversy, tweeting that “Bud Light tanks their sales by going woke and dumps their marketing executives…Miller Lite: Hold my beer.” However, Young’s criticism turned sexist when he invoked derogatory stereotypes about women’s studies majors and their presumed inability to find mates.

The criticism of Miller Lite’s ad campaign speaks to a wider cultural debate over gender and branding. While some conservative voices have condemned the ad for promoting “woke culture,” advocates for gender equality have praised it for its efforts to break down traditional stereotypes about both women and beer. Ultimately, it will be up to Miller Lite to decide whether the backlash is worth the risk of taking a stand on these important issues.

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