Conservative group in Collin County excludes transgender individuals on Mother’s Day.

The Collin County Conservative Republicans (CCCR) caused a social media uproar on Mother’s Day with their contentious statement that drew criticism and offense from some in the Twitterverse. The conservative grassroots political group thought it timely to highlight the issue of transgender identity and exclusion, as they opted to share a post that read, “Happy Mother’s Day to all of the women who actually gave birth. This is not a day for girly men.”

The statement caused a stir on social media, with commentators who weighed in to argue that stepmoms, as well as foster and adoptive mothers, all count as “real” moms. One social media user also emphasized that they understood who the group had meant to honor in its Mother’s Day well-wishes: “all the moms without penises!” To avoid any remaining ambiguity as to the group’s aim, CCCR then clarified that they wanted to offend non-cisgender women with the post.

“Happy Mother’s Day to all of the women who actually gave birth. And the women who are mothers. This is not a day for girly men,” the post read.

CCCR President Jessica Bartnick defended the group’s position, pointing to the need to preserve biological distinctions. Bartnick characterized the issue of transgender identity as a mental health issue that disenfranchises biological women. “Liberals entertaining this ridiculous idea that men can somehow now become women just because they feel like they are, is an attack on women’s rights,” she said.

The backlash was swift from Democrats and LGBTQ+ advocates, who called out the group for spreading division and hate. Texas Democratic Party spokesperson Ike Hajinazarian responded with a simple three-word statement, “Get a life.”

Unfortunately, the post was not an isolated case of bigotry. The group made several additional social media rants, including one that said, “It is not too far right to believe that only women can get pregnant. It is the liberal’s progressive propaganda that wants you to believe that men can get pregnant. Don’t let liberals gaslight you into thinking that common sense is crazy.”

The Collin County Conservative Republicans weren’t content to stop there. The group went further and waded into religious waters with a post that said, “You can’t follow the teachings of the Bible and be a liberal. Don’t let liberals lie to you and tell you that they believe in God.” This statement has also been criticized for its offense and exclusion of many people.

The issue of transgender identity and rights has become increasingly contentious in Texas, with approximately sixty anti-trans bills proposed in the current legislative session. Bills aimed at limiting gender-affirming care for minors have already passed the Texas House. However, the Democratic Party has remained vigilant in pushing back against these restrictions.

Ultimately, Republicans may find that their divisive statements and actions alienate not only the LGBTQ+ community, but also foster discontent among their own constituents. It is a time for the political parties to focus on commonalities and finding real solutions to the pressing issues affecting all Texans.

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