Congressman Van Drew Seeks Clarity from Governor Murphy and Secretary Mayorkas on Influx of Undocumented Migrants Entering New Jersey

Congressman Van Drew Demands Answers from Governor Murphy and Secretary Mayorkas Regarding Illegal Migrants Being Bused into New Jersey

Washington, DC – In a startling revelation over the weekend, Congressman Jeff Van Drew was informed by multiple law enforcement officials that ten buses originating from Texas and Louisiana have transported illegal migrants to the state of New Jersey. As a result, Congressman Van Drew has now taken it upon himself to demand answers from Governor Phil Murphy and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The key focus of Congressman Van Drew’s inquiry pertains to the existence of additional buses destined for New Jersey, thus triggering concerns over the potential influx of illegal migrants into the state.

Congressman Van Drew wasted no time in expressing his grave concerns, stating that “the crisis at our southern border is not just a border state problem.” He further criticized Governor Murphy’s perceived lack of leadership, blaming him for opening the doors to illegal immigration and exposing New Jersey to an overwhelming influx of migrants. Congressman Van Drew emphasized that South Jersey, in particular, will not tolerate a similar fate to that of New York City, which has had to redirect funds from public safety and education to accommodate the needs of individuals who crossed the border illegally. It is essential, he stressed, that Governor Murphy clarifies that New Jersey is not a sanctuary state, and that illegal migrants are not welcome in the region.

In addition to holding Governor Murphy accountable, Congressman Van Drew also placed the blame on the Biden administration’s border policies. He accused Secretary Mayorkas of exacerbating the collapse and takeover of the southern border through his ineffective management and lack of action. Consequently, Congressman Van Drew intends to send letters to both Governor Murphy and Secretary Mayorkas, demanding answers regarding the administration’s plans for potential bus transfers to New Jersey, the financial burden on taxpayers, and any strategies in place to mitigate the continuous influx of migrants at the border. He emphasized the need for complete accountability from both officials.

The gravity of the situation is further underscored by the image displayed alongside this article, featuring Congressman Van Drew. It serves as a visual representation of his commitment to addressing the pressing issue of illegal migration and protecting the interests of New Jersey residents. The congressman’s determination to seek answers and hold those responsible to account resonates with his constituents, who are increasingly concerned about the potential consequences of unregulated migration.

As this story continues to unfold, Congressman Van Drew’s unwavering resolve to protect the state of New Jersey remains evident. His demand for transparency and accountability from Governor Murphy and Secretary Mayorkas reflects his dedication to ensuring the safety and security of his constituents in the face of this growing crisis.

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