Community Church in Need: East-side Congregation Appeals for Support

The Christ Redeeming Community Church, known for its active participation in community service, is now seeking assistance after facing a series of unfortunate events. The congregation, which has been actively involved in initiatives such as food drives and clothing distribution, is currently in need of support to continue its benevolent work.

According to Pastor David Funches, the church aims to embody the compassionate nature of Christ and extend a helping hand to those in need. However, the church itself has recently become a victim of adversity. In July of this year, a devastating fire engulfed parts of the church, resulting in significant damage and leaving the rest of the structure heavily affected by smoke. Despite the setback, the congregation commenced the rebuilding process.

Unfortunately, their efforts were once again marred by an act of vandalism. Pastor Funches expressed his dismay, stating that the culprits had dismantled four commercial air conditioning units, causing further hindrance to the church’s operations. Located in the East-side area, the Christ Redeeming Community Church has long been a pillar of support for the local community. The church’s monthly food drives have helped feed numerous families, and they have also distributed gift cards and clothing to those in need.

However, due to the recent setbacks, the church’s annual Thanksgiving meal distribution, which typically includes all the traditional trimmings, has been postponed. Pastor Funches explained that the lack of power and facility has made it impossible to carry out their usual preparations. Despite these challenges, the church remains determined to assist families during the Christmas season, hoping that power will be restored by then.

Furthermore, the Christ Redeeming Community Church has ambitious plans for the future. In addition to rebuilding their facilities, they aim to enhance their community outreach by introducing a STEM after-school program with a music component. Pastor Funches believes that this program will provide young individuals with the necessary skills and talents to become better citizens.

To aid in their mission to continue delivering God’s work to the community, the church has initiated a GoFundMe campaign. Pastor Funches humbly appeals to the community for their support, emphasizing the significance of their contributions. If you wish to support the church in their endeavors, you can visit their GoFundMe page.

The Christ Redeeming Community Church’s journey to recovery and rejuvenation is far from over. Their commitment to serving the community remains resolute, and they are grateful for any assistance extended by the public.

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