Collin County Republican lawmaker says it’s time to consider tightening Texas gun laws

Texan Republican Representative Frederick Frazier of McKinney, whilst voicing his affiliation to his political party, is of the view that it is imperative for lawmakers to come together to address and resolve the pressing issue of gun laws. The Representative believes this urgent need for coming together and discussing the matter stems from recent unfortunate incidents, particularly the eight murder cases that took place on May 6th, 2017 at Allen Premium Outlets, whereas his wife and two children were shopping there an hour before these tragic happenings.

Frazier expressed deep concern over the ease with which certain people have access to semi-automatic weapons, particularly the AR-15 style weapon. He raised pertinent questions regarding how and why this weapon was increasingly being used as a weapon of choice in public massacres. Frazier advocated for hard scrutiny of gun laws, and emphasized the fact that such scrutiny should come from the basic rights provided in the Second Amendment. He called upon the NRA and lawmakers to undertake the task of revisiting these gun laws.

Whilst extending support to his colleagues, Frazier defended Republican Representatives Justin Holland and Sam Harless, who ensured the passing of bill House Bill 2744, primarily aimed at raising the age for specific semi-automatic firearms purchase. This undertaking was considered a success for various families who lost their children due to public massacres. Holland and Harless, who face backlash on social media, have been praised by Frazier for their work. The Representative emphasized that their efforts depict a soft spot for all gun bearers, with the underlying crucial ideology being the protection of the masses from maniacs with “pure evil” intentions.

Roxanne Frietze, a resident of Frazier’s district, is a mother of two young daughters and an ardent supporter of tougher gun laws. She, along with her children, spent significant time writing letters to committee members forwarding their case. Frietze’s hopes for stricter gun laws stem from her concerns of a potential threat to the lives of her daughters. She expressed astonishment at Frazier’s changing stance on gun laws, which indicated hope for more mandatory stringency to be put in place.

Frazier, whilst assuring his voters of his commitment to the cause of stricter gun control laws, called upon his peers to engage in tough conversations leading to the potential reevaluation of gun laws. He pleaded with sincere hope that this movement should be initiated before the conclusion of the ongoing session, which is less than a month away. Rep. Frazier claimed it to be a duty of his, as well as all lawmakers alike, to undertake and finalize this crucial responsibility.

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