Coastal areas of Boynton Beach experience flooding due to king tides

Boynton Beach, Fla. – Despite the presence of mostly sunny skies, certain areas of Palm Beach County experienced flooding issues on Saturday as king tides created waves along South Florida’s coast.

Residents of Palm Beach County expressed their familiarity with such occurrences. “I don’t think it’s so much bothersome,” stated Matthew Ferency, an avid fisherman. He further added, “I mean, if you’re not from here, you don’t know what to expect. Sure, it’s going to be a concern.”

According to Jose Grodeo, a Lake Worth Beach resident, this situation happens “pretty much” every year. He emphasized, “These parking lots fill with water, way high, a lot more than they used to, also.”

Meteorologist Kate Wentzel from WPTV First Alert Weather confirmed that king tides are common during this time of year. She explained, “If you’re right there at the inlet, you’re right next to the water, and we did have some exceptionally high tides last night. Consequently, it resulted in some low-lying flooding.”

In a captivating image captured by Cassandra Garcia of WPTV, a van can be seen navigating through a flooded roadway caused by the king tides on October 28, 2023. The photograph illustrates the impact of the flooding and adds a visual dimension to the story.

Chris Stickney recounted his fishing experience at Ocean Inlet Park in Boynton Beach on Friday evening when the tide unexpectedly surged. He shared, “There was a lot of flooding in the parking lot, so some people had to wait for a few hours in their car. The water level rose easily to a foot and a half to 2 feet.”

Wentzel warned that a repeat of the flooding may occur into Sunday morning. She elaborated, “It often occurs at times of full moons, and tonight we have the full hunter’s moon, so there could be coastal flooding. We currently have a statement in effect to inform and prepare the public.”

In conclusion, the presence of king tides along the South Florida coast has resulted in flooding issues in certain parts of Palm Beach County. While local residents are accustomed to this annual occurrence, the high tides have caused concerns, particularly in parking lots and low-lying areas. Meteorologists are urging residents to remain cautious as the flooding may persist into the following day due to the influence of the full hunter’s moon.

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