City of Pflugerville Implements FY 2024 Budget and Property Tax Rate

PFLUGERVILLE, Texas – After extensive deliberations in council workshops, careful consideration of resident survey results, and thorough review of the 2021-25 city strategic plan, the Pflugerville City Council has officially adopted the budget and property tax rate for the upcoming fiscal year.

The council has set the budget for FY 2024 at an impressive $379,889,676, representing a significant increase from last year’s allocation of $285,777,028. Demonstrating prudent financial management, the adopted property tax rate stands at $.5362.

This revised tax rate translates to an annual tax bill of $536.20 per $100,000 taxable value. Consequently, based on certified property valuations from the Travis and Williamson Central Appraisal Districts, the average Pflugerville homeowner can anticipate paying approximately $1836.50 per annum under the FY24 rate.

In acknowledging the city’s commitment to delivering on various approved projects and investments, the budget includes a modest $.0549 property tax increase. This increase will help fund the endeavors sanctioned by voters in the 2020 Bond and address projects that received high priority in the 2023 resident survey.

Providing further details on the breakdown of the budget, the city reports that the Community Block Grant Development program (CBDG) has not been included in this year’s funding allocation due to its reliance on sources other than property taxes. Nevertheless, the program will continue to be available.

Looking ahead, FY 2024 is scheduled to begin on October 1, marking the start of a transformative year for Pflugerville. Residents can anticipate a multitude of initiatives to be undertaken, backed by a robust budget meant to fuel progress and prosperity for the entire community.

In conclusion, with the adoption of the budget and property tax rate, the Pflugerville City Council has demonstrated its commitment to fiscal responsibility and the well-being of its constituents. By aligning strategic priorities with the needs and aspirations of its residents, the council sets the stage for a bright and prosperous future for the city.

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