City Bans Plastic Bags from Blue Recycle Bins

San Antonio residents must adhere to the new regulation that prohibits the disposal of plastic bags in the city’s blue recycle bins effective August 1. The San Antonio Solid Waste Department (SWMD) has declared that single-use plastic bags will no longer be accepted, even if they are neatly bundled. This decision was made in response to the issue of plastic bags infiltrating the recycling system and causing disruptions in the sorting equipment. The SWMD emphasized the necessity of this change, as the plastic bags and other films have been known to adhere to the recycling machinery, leading to operational challenges.

Despite efforts to offer alternatives, city officials concluded that allowing plastic bags in the blue cart was not a sustainable solution. SWMD Deputy Director Josephine Valencia highlighted that among the nation’s ten largest cities, none permit plastic bags in their recycling programs. Although San Antonio had included plastic bags in its program for several years, Valencia acknowledged that it has proven to be operationally problematic.

In light of the new regulation, the city has provided specific instructions for San Antonio residents to follow. The aim is to streamline the recycling process and ensure the efficiency of the city’s waste management operations. It is imperative for residents to comply with the updated guidelines to maintain the integrity of the recycling system and contribute to environmental sustainability. San Antonio residents are encouraged to stay informed and actively participate in the city’s ongoing efforts to promote responsible waste disposal practices.

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