Child injured in hit-and-run incident while walking to school

10-Year-Old Boy Recovering After Hit-and-Run Incident Near San Antonio School

UNIVERSAL CITY, Texas — A 10-year-old boy is currently on the road to recovery after a harrowing hit-and-run incident that occurred on his way to school. The incident took place on Thursday morning in front of Ricardo Salinas Elementary School, located in Universal City, northeast of San Antonio. As authorities continue their search for the responsible party, the boy’s mother has come forward exclusively to KENS 5, hoping that witnesses will step forward to aid in the identification of the driver.

Authorities have only been able to ascertain thus far that the driver is a woman in a white SUV who had dropped off children at the same school. Witnesses managed to obtain part of the license plate and promptly handed it over to the police. The boy’s mother firmly believes that until the driver is found, the safety of her children and others attending the school remains uncertain.

Each morning, the mother’s two sons, accompanied by a cell phone in their pockets, embark on their journey to school by bike. Throughout their commute, they maintain communication with their parents, providing them with peace of mind until they reach the school doors. However, on Thursday morning, the mother was alarmed to hear her younger son’s panicked voice on the phone. He informed her that his older brother was carrying his bike. Concerned and confused, the mother quickly contacted her older son, who confirmed that he had been struck by a vehicle. Overwhelmed with worry, the mother asked why he was carrying his bike. He explained that it had become lodged beneath the car, rendering it immobile.

The incident occurred at a crosswalk on Old Cimarron Trail, where vehicles exit the elementary school. Expressing her outrage, the mother stated, “As a responsible adult, her first instinct should have been to wait and let him go. I’m shaking right now.” According to the boy, the driver rolled down her window and asked if he was okay. Before he could respond, she accelerated and fled the scene. Fortunately, other parents witnessed the incident and rushed to assist the injured boy, escorting him to the nurse’s office. Subsequently, the mother took her son to a hospital, where doctors discovered internal bruising around his ribs.

Disturbed by the driver’s callousness, the mother questioned, “If she’s willing to flee, not taking any personal responsibility for injuring a child, how can we feel safe that it won’t happen again to any of our children?” Responding to the incident, Judson Independent School District (ISD) informed KENS 5 that both Judson ISD and Universal City PD had arrived at the campus to provide assistance. A witness had managed to provide a partial license plate number, identifying the vehicle as a white SUV. Law enforcement agencies have actively engaged in the ongoing investigation, diligently patrolling the area to identify the driver.

On Friday afternoon, while KENS 5 filmed exterior footage of Salinas Elementary, a woman claiming to work at the school informed them that the driver had been apprehended. To independently verify this statement, KENS 5 reached out to Universal City Police, Judson ISD Police, and a representative from the district’s communications department. Universal City Police Chief, Johnny Siemens, revealed that his department had not received any information regarding the driver. Attempts to contact Judson ISD and their police department after hours proved futile, with instructions to call again on Monday.

As authorities continue their investigation into this distressing hit-and-run incident, the community remains hopeful that justice will prevail, ensuring the safety and well-being of the students at Ricardo Salinas Elementary School.

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