Child Hospitalized with Severe Injuries, Two Arrested

A young man and woman are facing charges of serious bodily injury to a child following an investigation by Bexar County authorities. These charges come in connection with a cycle of abuse allegedly suffered by the woman’s three-year-old son that resulted in the child requiring surgery.

Justin David Garcia, 25, and Brandy Nicole Laurel, 24, were taken into custody after deputies were notified in early May of the boy’s injuries. When he was brought to a local hospital, he had sustained a number of injuries to his head and face. Sheriff Javier Salazar indicated that the boy had previously been admitted to hospital in April.

“These are no minor injuries that we’re talking about,” said Salazar, noting that the injuries were in different stages of healing and could indicate repeated abuse.

While Child Protective Services allowed the boy to remain with a relative and supervised visits with his mother and her boyfriend, further injuries occurred on May 21 when the child was taken to hospital in Dimmit County. There it was discovered that he had four fractures in his legs, and was unable to walk due to contusions at the vertex of his skull.

Law enforcement officials believe that these injuries resulted from a force wrestling move intended to cause excruciating pain. The child had to undergo surgery in order to prevent losing the use of his legs, and remains hospitalized at this time.

For now, Garcia and Laurel remain in custody, charged with serious bodily injury to a child. It is hoped that the child will be able to recover from his injuries and receive the care he needs in order to move past this traumatic experience.

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