‘Chasing our tail’ | Victims angry over yet another snag in legal process of accused Santa Fe shooter

A significant setback has occurred for the families of the 2018 Santa Fe High School mass shooting victims and survivors, as they face yet another delay in their pursuit of justice. Five years after the tragedy, the accused shooter’s case has been transferred to Judge Lonnie Cox’s courtroom due to his former law partner’s brief involvement in the case, which led to the disqualification of the previous judge, Jeth Jones.

The victims’ group and the families of the victims received this disheartening news via text message and are understandably dismayed by the resulting delay in their case. Their hopes of seeing justice served have been dashed, as they perceive this as yet another hurdle on their tortuous legal path. For them, every time they attend court, they feel as though they are taking another hit; and, as they have repeatedly stated, they perceive that the defense always wins their arguments.

“The case has dragged on and getting a new judge, in their eyes, is another delay” reveals the gravity of the situation. The families of the victims and some of the people who were injured in the shooting continue to fight for changes that may prevent tragedies like this from happening again, including several bills in this legislative session. However, no new court date has been set, leaving them in limbo.

While the fifth anniversary of the shooting is approaching, the accused gunman remains in a North Texas hospital after being declared incapable of standing trial. In this context, the delay resulting from the change in the judge could add to the pain and emotional turmoil that the families have been enduring for the past five years.

The families of the victims and survivors of the Santa Fe High School mass shooting need closure and justice. Their hearts have been torn into pieces by the tragedy and its aftermath. They need to see someone held accountable for the shooting and the loss of lives that ensued. Though they have been given another setback, they continue to fight and advocate for change.

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