Cedar Park Inferno: Apartment Building Completely Destroyed, Urgent Evacuation for Residents

CEDAR PARK, Texas – A massive brush fire rages on in Cedar Park as first responders race against time to bring it under control. Cedar Park police have reported that the fire is currently located near 12820 W. Parmer Lane, prompting swift action from local authorities.

According to the Cedar Park Fire Chief, the call for assistance came in as a grass fire, and firefighters were quick to arrive at the scene. Despite their efforts, however, one apartment building has been completely destroyed, and two others have sustained considerable damage.

Residents of the Bexley at Silverado apartment complex, as well as those in the Whitestone Landing neighborhood and nearby businesses, were urgently asked to evacuate for their safety. The fire chief has declared this incident a four-alarm fire, prompting the response of 20 different agencies to combat the blaze.

Miraculously, no significant injuries have been reported, with only one minor injury being recorded. Nevertheless, residents are strongly advised to avoid the immediate vicinity if at all possible, in order to assist emergency services in their efforts to mitigate the situation.

In a show of solidarity and the community’s concern for these unfortunate circumstances, FOX 7 Austin viewers have generously submitted videos capturing the intensity of the fire.

This situation is still developing, and we urge our readers to check back regularly for updates as our dedicated team of reporters will continue to bring you the latest information as it emerges.

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