Car crashes into Sanford home, confirmed by firefighters.

A car collided with a one-story house in Sanford, resulting in significant damage, as confirmed by the Seminole County Fire Department. The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon and prompted a swift response from firefighters in the area. The crash took place in the 2500 block of Sanford Avenue, and at this time, no information regarding potential injuries has been released. However, as a precautionary measure, the residents of the affected house were safely evacuated.

To gather further details regarding this incident, News 6 has initiated contact with the Sanford police. Their input will help shed light on the circumstances surrounding the crash and provide a comprehensive understanding of the event. This pursuit of information highlights News 6’s commitment to delivering accurate and up-to-date news to its audience.

As this is a developing story, News 6 will continue to provide regular updates to keep the public informed. It is essential to stay tuned for the latest information on this incident. Additionally, the provided map offers a general depiction of the crash area and should not be considered an exact representation of the incident’s precise location.

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In conclusion, the car’s collision with a one-story house in Sanford has caused significant damage, prompting an evacuation of the affected residence. News 6 is actively seeking additional information from the Sanford police to provide a comprehensive account of the incident. As the story continues to develop, News 6 aims to keep its audience updated with the latest facts and details.

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