Cape Coral Firm Gives Free AR-15 & Turkey with Roof Purchase, Exemplifying “Florida’s Finest”

A Southwest Florida roofing company, Roof EZ, is making headlines with a unique promotion that has sparked both controversy and interest. For the month of November, the company is offering a free AR-15 rifle and a turkey to anyone who purchases a new roof from them. The deal, dubbed “Roof and Gobble,” has garnered attention on social media despite receiving a report that resulted in its removal from the company’s Facebook page.

Roof EZ President, Jason Polly, revealed that he got the idea for this promotion from a company in Alabama. Polly explained that he wanted to embrace the Floridian spirit and felt that giving away a semi-automatic rifle with a new roof purchase was the epitome of that. When asked about his reasoning behind the offer, Polly emphasized the importance of personal protection in today’s uncertain world. He stated, “The world’s a crazy place right now. They can get a roof and an AR-15 for protection on both ends, why not?”

To ensure a responsible distribution of firearms, Polly clarified that his roofing team would not be transporting weapons to job sites. Instead, interested customers will have to go through the proper legal channels, including background checks. Only individuals who pass the background check and meet the necessary criteria will be able to pick up their AR-15 after a three-day waiting period. Additionally, for those who prefer not to receive the gun, Roof EZ is offering a $500 discount on their roof instead.

The response to the promotion on social media has been mixed. While some individuals expressed concern about the potential risks of placing firearms in the hands of the wrong people, others voiced their approval and regret for not waiting to do their roofing projects. Roof EZ’s unofficial motto for this promotion is, “The turkey will get you all sitting at the table so you can spend time together. The roof will protect your home, and the AR-15 will protect your family.”

This controversial offer has generated significant attention, with people eagerly discussing the pros and cons of the “Roof and Gobble” special. Whether this promotion will ultimately prove successful for Roof EZ remains to be seen, but it has undoubtedly sparked a conversation about the intersection of personal protection and roofing services in Southwest Florida.

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