Californians prepare for arrival of Hurricane Hilary, stock up on necessary supplies

Residents in Southern California are in a race against time to prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Hilary. With the threat of possible flooding, many individuals from Southern California are flocking to local grocery stores to stock up on essential items. In addition, they are diligently filling sandbags to mitigate the potential damage.

As of Saturday afternoon, Hurricane Hilary has been downgraded to a Category 2 hurricane. Weather experts anticipate that it will further weaken into a tropical storm by the time it reaches Southern California.

In anticipation of Hilary’s impending arrival, Governor Gavin Newsom has taken swift action by declaring a state of emergency for a significant portion of Southern California. This vital measure aims to facilitate a faster and more efficient recovery and response effort. Governor Newsom encourages residents to stay safe by attentively listening to emergency officials.

Simultaneously, state leaders are providing updates on the safety measures already underway in the region. Emergency management services have strategically positioned staff and supplies throughout Southern California. Authorities are strongly advising non-essential travel, urging citizens to refrain from getting on the road. This precautionary action is crucial in light of potential flash flooding, mudslides, high winds, and even isolated tornadoes that Hurricane Hilary may bring.

As Hurricane Hilary approaches, certain activities in the region have been altered or canceled. Flights have been impacted, and sporting events have faced cancellation. Additionally, several campgrounds have temporarily closed their doors to ensure the safety of individuals in the area.

Southern California, typically known for its sunny weather, is bracing itself for the impact of Hurricane Hilary. Raj Mathai from NBC Bay Area spoke to Tracey Leong from NBC to gain insight into the situation unfolding in Southern California. The local population in Los Angeles has taken heed of the impending danger by proactively securing supplies and filling sandbags.

Stay tuned for further updates on the situation in Southern California as we closely monitor the developments related to Hurricane Hilary.

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