CA Attorney General to scrutinize Banko Brown matter.

The attorney general of California has agreed to review the decision of San Francisco District Attorney, Brooke Jenkins, not to press charges against the Walgreens security guard involved in the fatal shooting of Banko Brown, a 24-year-old transgender activist. Despite acknowledging that it is not guaranteed that the attorney general will ultimately take over the prosecution of the case, the Brown family attorney, John Burris, asserted that it is important for the family and the community to know that the decision is subject to review.

The announcement of the review followed the release of a security video, which caused widespread outrage and the District Attorney’s conclusion that security guard Michael Anthony acted in self-defense. Anthony reportedly insisted that Brown was carrying a knife, although no weapon was found on the victim. Brown’s sister, Shameka, accused the DA of sending a message that it is acceptable for police and security personnel to kill individuals. In contrast, Brown’s former partner, Asia Hubbard, stressed that Michael Anthony ought to be held accountable for his actions, claiming that the video footage showed that Brown had been beaten before being shot.

On Tuesday, dozens of people gathered in support of the murdered activist, while the supervisors considered a resolution urging the attorney general and the US Department of Justice to review the Brown case. The family civil attorney stated that the DA’s discretion was incredibly hard to challenge, but hoped that the evidence would be scrutinized closely by the attorney general’s office.

Jenkins responded to the attorney general’s review by writing that the case had been handled with the highest degree of transparency possible and that she welcomed the review and would provide any necessary assistance. However, Brown’s mother, Kevinisha Henderson, has demanded that Jenkins confirm in person that she genuinely believes that it was an incident of self-defense.

Despite the barrage of emotions and the ongoing protests, the Brown family continues to assert that it will not rest until it achieves closure in both the criminal and civil courts. NBC Bay Area attempted to obtain a response from Rob Bonta’s office but has yet to receive a reply.

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