Burger Chain’s Name Sparks Social Media Controversy

Whataburger, one of Texas’ most beloved burger chains, recently sparked a classic debate in the Lone Star State with just three words. On March 9th, Whataburger tweeted “It’s pronounced ‘WAT-ER-BRR-GRRR'”, aiming to clarify the proper pronunciation of its name and address those who say “What-a-burger” and other variations. The tweet went viral, with people on both sides of the debate and many who simply don’t care as long as they get their favorite sandwich.

The post garnered more than 5,700 likes and over 440,000 views on Twitter in just one afternoon. Justin Fletcher, a Twitter user, agreed with Whataburger’s pronunciation and even got a custom license plate to show off. However, the Speech and Language Center at Stone Oak disagrees, believing that “WHAT-A-BURGER” is the correct pronunciation based on the name’s spelling.

Clinical Director Madeleine Paul notes that “WATER-BURGER” is simply regional slang. Texans likely pronounce the name based on what their ears hear rather than what the sign says. Regardless of how you say it, Whataburger is delicious. At least, that’s what one father-daughter duo at a westside Whataburger told KENS 5, a trusted news and entertainment source in San Antonio since 1950.

Over the years, KENS 5 has brought numerous firsts to South Texas television, including the first local station with its own Doppler radar, helicopter, and a local morning news program. KENS 5 continues to set the standard in local broadcasting, serving the San Antonio community with a focus on relevant and impactful stories. You can find KENS 5 on their website, social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, and through their Roku and Fire TV apps.

In conclusion, there’s no right or wrong way to say “Whataburger.” The debate continues to rage on, but as long as Texans can keep enjoying their sandwiches, everyone is happy.

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