Brick Township Police Officers Save Injured Woman in Wave Runner Mishap

Brick Township Police Department in New Jersey recently reported a daring water rescue conducted by their vigilant officers, thereby preventing further harm to a distressed female. On the afternoon of August 11th, Lieutenant Paul Catalina, along with Officers Andriy Shevchuk and Carissa Pagnotta, were actively patrolling the Metedeconk River when they unexpectedly stumbled upon an unsettling scene.

As the officers approached, they noticed a female in distress and an unoccupied wave runner personal water craft (PWC). Evidently, the female had been in control of the PWC when an unfortunate collision occurred with her boyfriend, who was operating another watercraft. This collision tragically resulted in her ejection from the craft, leaving her stranded in the water. In distress, she expressed concerns about pain emanating from her leg, later discovered to be a broken bone.

Undeterred by the challenges posed by the water, the officers swiftly assessed the situation and resorted to using a boat pole to reach the victim. Through their combined efforts, they successfully pulled her onto their patrol boat, a remarkable display of courage and agility. Following the rescue, the officers promptly transported the injured female to Pier 281 Marina on Princeton Avenue, where emergency medical technicians (EMTs) were on standby, ready to provide her with necessary medical attention.

While ensuring the safety of the victim, Officer Shevchuk carefully handled her wave runner, skillfully maneuvering it to the same marina in order to secure it. Soon after, the New Jersey State Police Marine Unit arrived at the scene to handle the crash report, diligently working to piece together the events of this distressing incident.

Body camera footage, unfortunately redacted to protect the victim’s identity due to her age, showcased the incredible rescuers in action. The footage depicted the officers skillfully bringing the injured female onto their boat, and subsequently, carefully carrying her off the vessel onto the dock, where the awaiting EMTs promptly took over. Chief David Forrester expressed his utmost gratitude and admiration for the rapid and decisive actions of his officers. Their swift response undoubtedly prevented any further harm befalling the young woman, underscoring their utmost dedication to safeguarding the public.

Detailed footage of the water rescue can be found using the following links:

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